Harry Roberts aka cherricheesedog here. I am a 2D/3D animator and multimedia designer based in Aberdeen. I have a DIY approach to my work inspired by internet culture and 2000s popular culture alongside punk and indie music. I would describe my work as vibrant, alternative and unapologetic. My strong suits are the wide array of creative skills, my curiousity, my problem-solving and commitment to my craft. Outside of animation, I enjoy skateboarding, playing and composing music alongside attending concerts, conventions and gallerys. I also love animals having several pets at home alongside being a vegetarian.


Q: What software do you use?

A: Right now, I primarily use Procreate/Clip Studio for illustration, RoughAnimator/Toon Boom Harmony for 2D animation, Blender v3.0 for 3D and Photoshop/Vectornator/Inkscape for design work and DaVinci Resolve for video editing. I also work in traditional mediums like watercolour, acrylic, ink and pens.

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availability: Monday-Friday (10am-6pm)